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Designing Your Own Front Panel

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

The "kit" projects at PCB Grinder all offer you the choice between a components kit (PCB and parts), and a full case kit (including a case, panels and "external" parts). (You can see the kits here) If you want to put your own design in your rack, you will need to design a front panel, and this is how you do it! 1. Go to PCB Grinder project docs folder on Google drive Link to google drive projects folder 2. Download the file needed for your project I will be using the MS76 as an example, so I am grabbing that.

3. Unpack the project docs (zip), and find the .fpd (front panel design) file

4. Get the software The FPD file is a "front panel design" file, and you need the front panel design software to open it. You can grab it here 5. Open the design file in the design software This is a blank design, with the holes needed for the layout, so you can do your very own design to fit the project.

6. Do the design Change the colour of the panel, change the material, add text for the controls as well as your own name/logo to the project, and choose from a range of fonts, just to get you started.

7.Order the panel When you are done, there is an option to order the panel in the software, but dont do that! Go to, or just send the file to Frank at He is an expert on front panels, and he will even give you better rate than the pricing in the software.

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