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The last few months, Ive been drawing up a new unit, borrowing on some inspiration and input from danish producer, Carsten Heller (He has a few even crazier ideas, but were doing this one first).

The STEM-MIX BUSSCOMP features 4 sets of stereo stems (would make it 5, but there is just not enough room), so 8 channels in total. Each stereo input is split into an audio mix, going into the busscompressor, and a sidechain mix, going to the compressor side chain circuit.

The sidechain mix and the audio path mix have separate level controls, so you can balance one mix going into the comp, while doing a completely different mix for the compression trigger circuit.

In addition to this, and in order to make it easy to set up the unit as the heart of a hybrid/STEM mix set-up, I've added inserts to each audio mix path, so you can patch in your hardware easily. 

I am offering 10 kits and 10 PCB sets to scale up my purchases. When they are gone, it will be sold as a GOLY/assembled unit only.



Everything needed to build a full unit expect some wire and heat shrink

I am offering 10 kits total - €1000 ex VAT per kit.



The PCB set contains no parts, but all the printed circuit boards needed to build a unit.

You can get a suitable case for the project from Frank at frontpanels.de 

I am offering 10 sets total - €110 ex VAT per set.