MS76 - Full Kit

MS76 - Full Kit


The MS76 is an MS stereo unit, inspired by the classic 1176 FET compressor. 

In the original design, it is fairly difficult to match and connect two units for stereo, and in this unit, we achieve it by joining the two units via an MS stereo matrix, which allocates any tracking errors to the mid/side, rather than the Left/right domain, eliminating stereo, imaging problems. 

The unit was inspired by the 1176 circuit, but it is not a clone, so tying it to a specific revision makes no real sense. The whole in- and output stage was reenginnered, and modern features, like the blend circuit, and the side chain high pass filter, were added. 

The output is electronically balanced, but if you want a little extra "umpf" and dimension, you can add a pair of Lundahl LL5402. 

Video of the unit being built in his own design by a user - with audio examples, here

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