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Status updated April 26th

Updated: Apr 26


Everything shipped today, except 3 orders.

I will no longer do updates here after this one, since I can communicate directly when I pick up the final slack.

This was supposed to be a final round of kits, taking a month+change to process. I was closing down to focus on GOLY , but it turned out to take 10 weeks to get here from the closing date on February 15th. This lock down period has not made things smooth or easy, to say the least, and I am sorry for the delays and inconveniences along the way.

For now, I dont see a path that will lead to bringing the kits back in any forseeable future. I did consider "an ultimate GssL" or "the most kickass PQ on earth" as a solo project, but another time, perhaps. Packing up the final kits, when I have hit send on this, will be bitter sweet, because it looks a lot more final, than I thought it would. Thank you for all the support you have shown me doing this, "youre welcome" for the gazillions of e-mails helping you finish your projects, and "Im sorry" to the ones I did not share a language with, which was common enough to help, or to the ones I stiffed out of the last, critical parts or simply forgot or lost sight of.

When all is said and done, I hope you feel proud, when you use the professional recording- and mixing devices in your racks, that you managed to put together yourselves. I hope one of you is venturing down the path I started down those 10 odd years ago, and I cant wait to see what you end up doing!


------------------------- previous posts -------------------------------

I will update this space with order processing after February 15th. 15/2 - shipped out a lot of PCB orders

15/2 - started panel and case production for all full kit orders.

A few, key items are backordered dating back to november - for example, THAT VCAs for the GssL, and knobs. Vendors say Brexit and shipping paths gave some problems, but they are sorting it out.

18/2 - THAT has no definite delivery dates - they promised "maybe April" last time I spoke to them, but they cant promise anything now for 2021, so I had to come up with a different solution. I have ordered a batch of smaller footprint 2180 (SOIC), and I have ordered a conversion PCB for them, so they will fit the GssL. This will cause some delay, but hopefully, I can fasttrack this, so I can start getting out kits.

25/2 Got a fresh batch of PCBs coming on March 10th (I depleted stock on a few items, like the GssL and Studer). Packing up GssL, PG and MS76 kits to start getting them ready this week. Everything on track for mid March processing, expect for the knobs, for which I have no definitive delivery date yet. I was not prepared for such basic parts to become a problem, and I am sorry, but when I announced closing down jan 1st, I said I would not start processing until after closing down, and processing is 4-6 weeks, so we are still on track for the time line.

I do understand that waiting sucks, though - especially if you missed the announcement, but it seems everything is sorted and on track now - expect for knobs. No definitive delivery on those yet but some nice people are trying to sort it out. Dear Gustav,

I am sorry to inform you that we have still not received the goods from England. We are on the phone about this every day and neither the supplier, nor customs nor the parcel service can give us any information. As far as we know, the goods are at customs in Frankfurt and it could be that the customs papers were not filled out correctly by England due to the new situation. We will inform you immediately if we have new information - the situation is very unpleasant for us. 1/3 Found a stockpile of VCAs large enough, that orders will ship with them, so Ill use the SOIC/PCB method for GOLY units instead :)

  • Panel processing is on track (expected around March 15th)

  • Kit packaging on track.

  • PCBs on track (New batch og GssL and Studer will ship to me on March 10th)

  • Knobs - still no confirmed delivery date, but they are working on it. From knob supplier. Hello Gustav,

Unfortunately, we still don't know more...

We are currently having the parts remanufactured in the hope that we will be able to deliver more quickly.

I am sorry to put you off, but we are working on it every day.

As soon as I know something new, I'll let you know.

In spite of everything, have a nice day.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards,


  • 80% of the basic kits are packed

  • 2180 SIL VCAs arrived.

  • PCBs coming

  • I bought suitable replacements for the undelivered THAT in/output circuits for the MS76 kits, which should be here in a matter of days

  • No update on knobs yet.

  • Gonna check in with Frank to hear if he is on track with the cases and panels over the weekend, since were getting closer to having everything else ready.

I will start processing components kits next week.

There will be a few kits available, when I am done processing orders, but I wont offer them, until I am done. I have enough on my plate right now! Thanks for the support and patience!


5/3 - Holy Knobs, Batman!

Hello Gustav

We are currently receiving the packages one by one.

And this time I finally have good news for you, we can finally deliver your orders from

7/1 2021 and 24/11 2020 12/3

Shipped most of the PCB-only orders

Shipped most of the components kits

Waiting for knobs to arrive for full kits

Waiting for switches from BE for the Bax kits - these will probably be the last kits to go out.


Did some more shipping today. Realised I was missing lids and 2RU side panels from the case deliveries (I unboxed today, to do the full kit shipping, so even though Ive had them a weeks time, I didnt see until today - sorry). I have almost all of the orders packed up, and ready to go for when the final delivery of lids and those sides come in. Bax units will be the last ones to go out for sure. I still need to pack them up, and I am missing BE switches anyway, so will focus on getting everything else cleared. I had four cancelled orders 1 MS76 full kit 2 PQ partial kits 2 GssL full kits They are available in the shop. 25/3 Lids arrived. Shipped out a pile of GssL kits today, and a few other items.

Waiting for the last shipment of knobs now - they contain the green knob caps, which will enable me to finish up single PQ and GssL kit orders. MS76 - still waiting for a few pots. BAX, switches are coming in. Getting close to finishing up now. March 29th

Still waiting for the last shipment of knobs. It contains green! knob caps, which I am out of. Still waiting for OMEG pots for the MS76 kits.

When the caps arrive, I will be able to get out the rest of the GssL, the PQ and the BAX kits - I have no set delivery date on the OMEG

Gustav April 1st Booked some shipments yesterday, will book more on Saturday.

Pots for the MS76 still not here.

Everything else will be ready for the first possible pick-up date, which is on Tuesday.

I think there will be some sweeping up for the last kits, but its realistic, that everything ordered up until Feb 14th will go out Tuesday, with the exception of the MS76/missing OMEG. If you want the kit faster/without, let me know (put MS76, no pots in the subject, and Ill see it).


GssL kits up until feb 15th done/out - I had to order a few items to complete the leftover kits sold. PQ2 kits up until feb 15th, except for one! (missing front panel), done/out Bax kits up until feb 15th, done/out (need to book the last one, ran out of printer paper!)

I will try to get a deliver date on pots for the MS76 next week (handful or kits not gone out yet but I sent what I could with pots at hand today). Leftovers/ready to ship - Ill add these to the shop. 1 PQ2 components kit

3 x MS76 panels and case, PCB set, meters + a few extras.

3 x BAX panels anc case, PCB set, pushbutton. 1 x full GssL kit 8/4

The pots are coming When they show up, I can finally get the MS76 out the door as well. Sendt: 8. april 2021 11:54 Til: Gustav Grinderslev Emne: Re: Orders pending #291914 #291911

Hello Gustav, Apologies for the delay. We are waiting for the Omegs to arrive at the moment. They should be here early next week, we will ship to you as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

thank you for your business 20/4

I still dont have the OMEGs for the MS76 orders.

Really sorry - I had expected 4-6 weeks to clear up everything, when I closed down on February 15th, and this is the 8 week mark, so I know the wait has been long.

I am finishing up a batch of GOLY units this week, and next week, I will take care of the shipment of the "cancelled kits" sold (I think thats a PQ and a few GssL), and start clearing out the PCB orders that have come in. I was hoping to do it in steps (kits, kits, back to shipping board every few days), but I see the wait on the PCBs is also getting long now.

Gustav 22/4

"Your order has been completed and shipped successfully". OMEGs!

I hope to have all kits out by the end of next week, if shipping is smooth. (like everything, even the shipping itself sometimes takes a looong time these days). After that, I will turn my attention to the backlog of PCB Orders, and get back to "normal" with just the PCBs.

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