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I will update this space with order processing after February 15th. 15/2 - shipped out a lot of PCB orders

15/2 - started panel and case production for all full kit orders.

A few, key items are backordered dating back to november - for example, THAT VCAs for the GssL, and knobs. Vendors say Brexit and shipping paths gave some problems, but they are sorting it out.

18/2 - THAT has no definite delivery dates - they promised "maybe April" last time I spoke to them, but they cant promise anything now for 2021, so I had to come up with a different solution. I have ordered a batch of smaller footprint 2180 (SOIC), and I have ordered a conversion PCB for them, so they will fit the GssL. This will cause some delay, but hopefully, I can fasttrack this, so I can start getting out kits.

25/2 Got a fresh batch of PCBs coming on March 10th (I depleted stock on a few items, like the GssL and Studer). Packing up GssL, PG and MS76 kits to start getting them ready this week. Everything on track for mid March processing, expect for the knobs, for which I have no definitive delivery date yet. I was not prepared for such basic parts to become a problem, and I am sorry, but when I announced closing down jan 1st, I said I would not start processing until after closing down, and processing is 4-6 weeks, so we are still on track for the time line.

I do understand that waiting sucks, though - especially if you missed the announcement, but it seems everything is sorted and on track now - expect for knobs. No definitive delivery on those yet but some nice people are trying to sort it out. Dear Gustav,

I am sorry to inform you that we have still not received the goods from England. We are on the phone about this every day and neither the supplier, nor customs nor the parcel service can give us any information. As far as we know, the goods are at customs in Frankfurt and it could be that the customs papers were not filled out correctly by England due to the new situation. We will inform you immediately if we have new information - the situation is very unpleasant for us.

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