• Gustav (PCB Grinder)

Scaling down!

I have made a decision to scale down PCB Grinder, because I have gotten too busy building my units at to do it properly.

FAQ: Did my order ship?

I had this info on the header of the site, but put this in the blog now.

For now, orders will be open until February 15th, where I will close down, and start processing panels and kits. This does not mean orders will start shipping on the 15th. I will do it in stages and do my best to get it out as fast as possible. It will take at least a month to process after february 15th - probably more!

FAQ: Will you still be selling PCBs? will you still be selling partial kits?

I am stopping the sales of full kits, and partial kits. I will most likely keep the PCBs, since there is not much administration involved, but I dont know if PCB Grinder will close completely, or bring new kits in 2022. I am more than grateful for all the support the kits have had over the years, and I will try to find the time to do an open-source project for the DIY community at some point. Thank you§! Gustav

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