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Getting Started DIY

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

On the site, I offer 3 levels of projects. Full kits

The full kits have everything needed to build a unit. Its good way to get started with DIY without prior knowledge of the components, and its a great way to learn some basics, and get a full view of a project start-to-end. Full, beginners assembly guides are available here.

... in case of problems, you can always ask me, and Ill do my best to help. You can also find additional info in this blog, if you get stuck on something. Partial kits

The components kits contain the electronics, and let you control the design and layout of the unit yourself. This includes colours, fonts, logos, choice of knobs etc. (Check out Designing Your Own Front Panel). You can ask me, and I dont mind helping, but if you are not able to do the design work, I will refer to the full kit. PCBs For some project, I only offer the PCB. The documentation for the PCB only projects can be found via the project docs link on the product pages (or here).

For these projects, you'll need to do your own component shopping and design work, based on the documentation available! You can ask me, and I will try to help, but you need to at least know the basics to do this. I will not do your shopping for you. Hope that helps! Gustav

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